Veneer Kitchen

Featuring full veneer door and drawer fronts, this kitchen is an excellent example for veneer being used throughout. The clients had chosen to make the veneer the main design feature in their kitchen instead of the counter tops which many clients choose. This is executed perfectly in this example as it stands out and immediately attracts your attention. The clients were presented with a range of options for veneer colours and finishes and had chosen the one we recommended after our advice about the counter top colour selection.

One criteria that was important for the client was to have ample storage space. We designed it in the best possible way to allow this. We have even included storage space on the outside of the bench which would usually be empty space!

Project Details

Counter Top:
Beige Gloss Marble
Door & Drawer Finish
$20 000+
October, 2015
Calais Cabinets


A different approach to kitchen design features is important that the right colours are chosen to compliment each other and not clash.

  • Full gloss veneer doors and drawers;
  • Stainless steel appliances;
  • Lots of storage spaces;
  • Waterfall style counter tops;
  • Excellent lighting to bring out veneer;