Locally Manufactured

We are strong believers in supporting Australian businesses and economy. All our cabinets, countertops and glass components are ALL manufactured in Brisbane. This allows for all our components for your kitchen or bathroom to be manufactured in quality controlled facilities and be completed and delivered within a few business days. If there is an error in any of the parts, we can easily and efficiently reorder or repair this right in Brisbane. There is no need to wait weeks for products to be delivered from China or other countries.

We will never recommend or use any imported, flat pack kitchen or bathroom cabinets to you as we believe that the quality is poor and not very durable. This not only ensures you with the best quality and finish but it also supports the businesses that are run in Brisbane.

Though our main components are not imported, kitchen and bathroom accessories and tapware may but we have been using the same supplier for years and they have a trusted name in the industry.

Service Overview

Rapid Turnaround
With all our partners performing business in Brisbane, this allows for fast turnaround of your kitchen or bathroom. Parts can be custom made within days and delivered and installed within 1 week.
Errors In Order
Errors in ordered parts can happen within all industries and businesses. If an error occurs in one of your parts it can be fixed quickly as the manufacturers are all in close proximity to us. We will address the situation as quickly as we can to ensure you have your complete kitchen or bathroom built and installed as soon as possible.
Using Brisbane based businesses, this allows for you to visit their showrooms for a real life look at colours and finishes of your parts. We provide catalogues and samples but cannot supply as big and detailed selection of products as they can. We can put you in contact and supply their locations if wanted.

Why Choose Us

With over 25 years of experience, we have designed and built many kitchens and bathrooms of all sizes, shapes and prices and have a lot to offer.

Experienced and knowledgable teamLarge range of choicesExcellent serviceTrusted and quality partnersHigh quality products and componentsGreat offers

Popular Questions

Do You Import Kitchen and Bathrooms?
No – we strongly believe in the quality and durability that Australian Made timbers provide and will never recommend or use any imported, pre made kitchens or bathrooms to you. Imported kitchen and bathrooms are not made to your dimensions and can end up costing you more than it would to have a custom built kitchen or bathroom completed by us.
Where Can I See Your Quality of Work?
Contact us to organise a time so we can show you all the products and materials that we use or for further information. We can also show you the durability and reliability of these materials if you wish.
Can I See the Progress of My Kitchen or Bathroom?
As all the cabinets and components are manufactured locally in factories, we cannot allow you access into our facilities for health and safety reasons. If you want a progress report, please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will gladly update you on the current status.