High Quality Materials

Here at Calais Cabinets, we only believe in using high quality materials and components for every kitchen and bathroom we create. Creating a kitchen and bathroom is the easy part, creating one that is durable and will last is the challenge. We have found the best combination of materials and components to achieve this for you. We will never recommend to use any products that we don’t believe will do the job. Using only trusted partners that with strong working relationships with to source materials and components ensures the best quality kitchen or bathroom that can be produced.

Service Overview

Australian Made Timbers
We only use Australian Made timbers throughout all our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This guarantees excellent quality and great durability. We refuse to use any imported materials in our kitchens and bathrooms as the quality has been tested and not up to our standard.
Trusted Partners
We work alongside various well known companies to provide you with the very best parts and accessories that are on the market. We have been working with these companies for many years and have always loved their products and service.
Award Winning
Calais Cabinets has an array of awards from the past 25 years for kitchen and bathrooms that we have designed and built. This has only been possible with the materials and parts that we use. The judging of these awards not only look at overall finish, but what parts and accessories have been used.

Why Choose Us

With over 25 years of experience, we have designed and built many kitchens and bathrooms of all sizes, shapes and prices and have a lot to offer.

Experienced and knowledgable teamLarge range of choicesExcellent serviceTrusted and quality partnersHigh quality products and componentsGreat offers

Popular Questions

Do You Use Imported Materials?
No, we don’t. We have tested imported materials and they do not meet our standards that we stand by. Imported materials may be cheaper but we can assure you that they will not be as durable. We have tested many imported materials and have found that they are 2-3 times less durable.
Are Your Products Australian Standard Approved?
All our products we use come from trusted suppliers and all meet Australian standards and requirements. Whether you decide to purchase handles or tapware, all products will meet the required standards.
Can I Provide My Own Material?
We strongly advise you not too as we do not know where the materials comes from. By sourcing our own materials, we can assure you that it will be excellent quality and that the finished product will be immaculate. Though we strongly advise you not source your own material, you can choose from various materials from our catalogue that we can use instead.
Will This Affect My Budget?
The way we see it is that you may spend a little more over your budget, but you will not have to perform any maintenance or replacements of parts as often as you would with cheaper, less durable components. We recommend choosing cheaper kitchen or bathroom accessories and tapware instead of cheaper timber as it will cost more to replace your cabinets than it will your handles or taps.