Design & Build Package

Whether you are in the process of building your new home or wanting to renovate your existing one, we offer a complete design and build package on kitchens and bathrooms that can cover all aspects of finished product. Working with our experienced team, we will design, choose colours and finishes, remove your old kitchen and finally install your new one. View our Recent Projects for details, inspiration and ideas!

Service Overview

1. Initial FREE Consultation
In the initial consultation, we will discuss what exactly it is that you want and view your room plans to determine the best layout, style of your kitchen or bathroom and the positioning of appliances, plumbing and electrics.
2. Designing
Here is where we will discuss various colour choices for your drawer fronts and doors, counter top colours and finishes, handle choices, other accessories and appliances. We are able to provide you with great design knowledge in all aspects as well as offer you range of choices in everything mentioned.
3. Confirmation
We will contact you to confirm all details and design choices that were made for your kitchen or bathroom, then we are ready to start building your dream!
4. Building Process
Throughout the building process, we will keep you up to date with the progress and guarantee we inform you of any issues or changes that arise. We will inform you before we do anything different to what you have specified.
5. Removal (if renovating)
Everything is built and ready to install but we need to clear the space and make sure everything is prepared for installation. We will NOT remove your old kitchen or bathroom until we certain that we can start installation on the same day.
6. Installation
Our experienced team will deliver all cabinets and components ready for installation. Throughout the installation process, we must work with plumbers and electricians to reroute any pipes or cables to where we need them. You may call your own plumbers or electricians, otherwise we have trusted contacts that we can organise.
7. Project Complete
Depending on the size, complexity or if any issues were encountered, your kitchen or bathroom can be installed and functioning in as little as 1 day. We will not finish the job until we are happy and it is perfect. We are proud of what we do and always want our work to be the best of quality and finish.

Why Choose Us

With over 25 years of experience, we have designed and built many kitchens and bathrooms of all sizes, shapes and prices and have a lot to offer.

Experienced and knowledgable teamLarge range of choicesExcellent serviceTrusted and quality partnersHigh quality products and componentsGreat offers

Popular Questions

What If I Don’t Know Anything About Design and Colours?
Our experienced team is more than happy to help you with anything. If you are unsure of what you want, we have a range of examples to show you and give advice on colours and finishes. Alternatively, before we consult you can view our Completed Project Gallery for some inspiration and ideas.
Can I Source My Own Appliances?
Yes, of course you can. Whether you are buying new appliances or using your old ones, you have the freedom of choosing them yourself. We just ask you let us know which appliances you do end up with.
What If I Have A Builder?
We are more than happy to work alongside a builder you have contracted. We have worked alongside many different builders and can communicate with them to determine what needs to be done and when.