Tips On How To Increase The Value Of Your House

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Thinking of selling your house? Wanting to increase its overall value? Have you thought about renovating your kitchen?

It’s the truth… Kitchens sell houses and increase the value of the property. There’s a reason why real estate agents want you to do it before you sell. It brings in more money come sale day but also shows value in the home.

The kitchen is the most used areas in your house not only by your family, but also your friends when entertaining, why wouldn’t home buyers looks at those spaces first?

If you are selling your home and want to impress potential buyers and entice them with a great kitchen, what you don’t want is:

  • A hard to maintain kitchen
  • A run down, out of date kitchen
  • A small, crowded kitchen with little storage space
  • A kitchen that doesn’t accomodate entertaining

Regardless of what you want to portray, here are some tips on how to design and create a usable, unique kitchen.

  1. Open up the space
    You don’t want cabinets and counter tops that crowd the area and make the space feel small. Open the space up, avoid any overhead cupboards in areas near windows and doors. Windows and doors are the key to making the space feel  larger and blocking these will do the opposite.
  2. Vibrant colours
    Choose colours that reflect light and are easy to look at. Colours such as white/off whites, light greys, creams and light browns are excellent colours to use on drawers and doors. Avoid any large amounts of dark colours, especially if your kitchen doesn’t get much natural light.
  3. Nice counter tops
    Counter tops are one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. It is used everyday for various tasks. The material, colour and finish of this is important. If your budget lets you, try and get a marble or granite counter top because buyers see most value in this and is also EXTREMELY durable. Otherwise, a laminate option will suffice. Laminate gives you a larger choice in colour and finishes which could work to your advantage.
  4. Storage space
    Storage, storage, storage. You always seem to run out of it. Design your kitchen in a way that maximises cabinet storage space and make full use of it. Everyone loves storage and everyone needs it in a kitchen.
  5. Handle choice
    Choosing the incorrect style of handle for your kitchen can completely put any prospective buyers off. Ensure that you are choosing correctly. Handles with square edges and a brushed or matte finish usually suit modern kitchen most while handles with curves and round edges suits traditional kitchens.

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