Granite/Marble vs Laminated Benchtops

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Make your kitchen last a lifetime!
Although kitchen bench top styles are dependant on budget and preference, you can make any style looks great! Granite and marble bench tops are more expensive, they provide greater use and durability allowing you to not take as many precautions when using it.

Every cut of granite or marble is unique, giving some extraordinary swirl effects throughout. Granite and Marble offer some great benefits that include:

1. Placing hot pots or pans straight onto the top with no heat pad
2. Cutting anything straight on the bench top
3. You can wash it with almost anything you want – it will not damage
4. Looks amazing in any kitchen
5. It will outlast your cabinets

6. Never go out of fashion
If you haven’t cleaned your bench top with a specific product before, we recommend trying it on a small section of your bench top in a not so visible spot. This allows you to see if the product damages your bench top or not.
Unlike granite and marble, a laminated bench top is more sensitive to heat, scratching and other elements such as specific cleaning chemicals. Although it may be less durable, the beauty of a laminated bench top is that it is a great choice for a budget conscious kitchen and it also offers a great range of colours, patterns and finishes.
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info@calaiscabinets.comCalais cabinets does not take any responsibility for any damages that may occur to your marble or granite. The above information is only a guide and may not apply to all instances. These points are drawn from our previous experiences and and each top may react differently to what we have stated.